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Olive the mutt finds themself trapped in Hachiko High School during the apocalypse! Demons have been slaughtering their classmates and they're certain it's inevitable that they too will meet their untimely end... Which means there's only so many dogs left to spend their last moments with!

Join Olive in their grisly search for a special someone! Will it be Brownie the snack-loving corgi, Sparky the sporty husky or Patches the dalmatian bookworm? It's all up to you!


This game contains cartoon gore, bifurcated dogs, headless dogs, generally dogs not having a great time! Play at your own discretion!


Purrfect Apawcalypse is a dark comedy interactive fiction about dogs, cats and the apocalypse. The places you go, characters you meet and choices you make will lead you either to death or happiness, so choose wisely!

This game was created by Denny with programming help by Andy, created using Renpy! Follow us on social media to stay updated! Check out the OST on YouTube! Russian translation by Кузня Переводов!

Updated 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Author90% Studios
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAnimals, Cute, Dark, Dating Sim, Dogs, Gore, Horror, LGBT


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PurrfectApawcalypse-MAC[RUS] 81 MB

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This game is absolutely adorable!! I love it so much!

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I’m very surprised the developer noticed the fandom article for my what-could-be upcoming fangame.

how many endings does this game have cause if i did beat this adorable as hell game in fucking 48 minutes with 3 endings, im gonna be mad 

great game i realy  liked it and im going to play the next one


i wrote a 5 star review that just says poggers



I'm planning to make a video series on this game. Is that okay and is there any copyrighted songs that I should be aware of?


go ahead! the only music credits you should include is to lyon beckers (https://soundcloud.com/lyon-beckers) for the soundtrack of purrfect apawcalypse 3! the music in the other games was made by me so as long as you link back to the original games/to me somehow i fully support your series!! :D

wHOA this is so cute and sweet!!!!!! i mean, except for the gorey part, which isn't cute (but still awesomely good!!)... omw to play the sequel<3<3

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So cute!! There 's a lot of choices right from the beginning of the game so it doesn't feel like the game is guiding you. I think I got all the endings, I will play the 2nd game now  ^^

I love this game! The art is too cute, but it still manages to be pretty creepy.

(here's my video on it! 

i tried downloading it, extractec the files, pressed on the icon and it said windows protect your pc and that i need some kind of app and if i do it without it, it said it would put ur pc at risk... i would send a photo if i can but later, please reply i really wanna play the game ;(

press more info and press run anyway

hell naw my pc would crash do you even know how much a pc is? i surrendered i dont wanna play this game anymore

the game works for me and i skiped it

and i am playing on a government laptop from school


how the hell are you scared of a renpy itch io game breaking your computer

lol even i know that


i love this game!!! i love how each area has a color pallete, and I love the art style!!!


ahh this is such a cute funny game i loved it,,, reminds me of xoxo blood droplets

I support this


i love angel so much :( 


SOO CUTEE :3 i loved it lawlz, and the art style is rlly cute too <3


this game was kill the school


This is so sad, when ever I download the game my computer auto deletes it



i am scary to play this game cute horror game


somehow when the game was downloaded it was the russian version, is there a way to change the language without deleting the game or atleast getting the english one?


hmm was this the pc version or the mac version?

it was the windows version, the 99 MB one 

hmm, that one should be english. unfortunately there's no way of switching the languages without redownloading the game ;v;

oh guess i’ll have to re-download  it , thanks for the help!


dUdE YoU cAn DoWnLoAd bOtH vErSiOnS LmAoOOo


This is very good. The art is very cute.

poke fun at nasty dog


Recently I’ve played all three games and they are all SO GOD DAMN GOOD !!!!! Keep up the good work !

Dude what's the 3rd game called

Go onto the creators page, it’s got all the games.

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if you got 1000$ would you make a new game where you could choose who you can play as and you get different ends for each one?


I want to know how many endings this game have. I already saw 4(die with brownie, sparky, killed by patch, and everyone survived). Anything else? 


So I have recently just got into these games and I just can't figure out olives gender. From the looks of it, I am assuming they're a girl.


im pretty sure that they are suposed to be non-binary or made so everyone could imagen them as their own gender.


yeah olive is non-binary! any pronouns are fine for them but i go with they/them!


hello 90%! I know that you said the game purrfect apawcalpyse was over, so I have a new idea for it! You could make comic books about all the pasts of the characters! I think it would be a fun little thing because other than right now we don't know much about their history! You could respond or not your choice!


After many attempts not to die, not falling in love with patches and not him slicing and dicing me. I HAVE MADE THEM SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !   I'm so happy :D


I played the whole series and it is very fun! Great games :D


I found the 3rd game which made me play all of them, Im obsessed with this series

rating: 100,000,000/10


Played the entire series. I can say that this is the most underrated Visual Novel series that I found here. 

The games of this series give a large variety of choices, and everything down to the order you meet with the characters can affect the ending. Oh, and there's also unique images for the multiple bad endings you can get.


you really screwed the pooch on the If... translation there Gideon

(1 edit) (+3)

Man, I'm always up for violence. Wait, and animals?! This is perfect in every way omg! I always feel so... intrigued by pastel gore. It gives it a cutesy-creepy vibe. I love this game, and the art is great!!! As of leaving this comment, I haven't started, but it looks amazing!!

Edit: I just finished the game! Its so friggin cute!!


This game is so cute and fun and all together awesome! I just finished the second one (though I needed a tutorial) also sparky is my favorite :3

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I played this series in reverse cuz I'm a rebel but honestly the characters are so cute and I love this series. 


This game is very neat but it makes me think about death so im a bit sad but its alright! i really like the artstyle though! also i wanna say that the ingame volume starts at 0%. anyways i hope that you all have a great day! :)

Very good game i love the story lines and character designs alot  ;]

Olive is a true cinnamon roll-


AHH i love this omfgg


Thank yoouu ヾ(•ω•`)o


Great game! Except Patches reawakened my attraction to cute psycho boys, and I spent the majority of my playtime finding all the ways I could give my life to him... What have you done to me?


lmao same TvT

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