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One thousand students from the Hachiko High School massacre have risen from the dead to crash Olive's birthday party! Trapped in the Grimalkin Estate, Olive and their pals will have to figure out how these dogs were resurrected, why Sparky's acting so strange, and why Angel's old body is out to get them.

But remember: Just because you're trying to survive the zombie apawcalypse, doesn't mean you can't try and make your friends happy!

This game is a sequel!!! Play the first one here!

Trigger warnings: cartoon violence, gore and strong language. Play at your own discretion! Art, programming and music by Denny, with programming help by Andy, created using Renpy!

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i had downloaded the original about a year ago but never got around to playing it until today. as soon as i found out theres another i knew i had to play it. these are amazing! :)

thank you so much!! hope you enjoy it ^w^

Its quickly become a favorite of mine! Very excited for the 3rd :)

I made an account just to comment on here happy?

thx for the comment! UwU

i did so much just so I could have made Patches super happy cause he's v good edgy boy and I regret nothing

somebody's gotta make that boye happy

I feel,, n o t i Ce d

wait how--

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Damn this is too cute for me to handle even if there's literal murder and gore-!!! I'm absolutely in love with this series and I can't wait for more! What do you use to draw and what brush for the outline of the characters?

thank you!! i use adobe photoshop and a custom brush (made up of some old chalk/charcoal brushes i found online). you can find the exact one in this zip file!

Oh my god! Thank youuuu!! :'DDD

Purrfect Apawcalypse 3?


yes, currently working on it! :3 it'll be done this summer hopefully

I can't wait I played the first two and they were both amazing X3

awww yay!! thanks >w< <3

Oh my god. Hyped!!

Deleted 19 days ago


the game will still be made in renpy. :3 there will be multiple ''dead-endings''! as for how many variations there will be on the true ending i can't say. i suppose we might have to change how the game will be classified now that there's point and click, but it doesn't differ too much from usual gameplay (instead of clicking ''inspect ___'' you'll just be able to click on an image of what you want to inspect! 

all i'll say is that pa 3 takes place just two days or so after the events of the last game, you play as patches, and the zombies have caused problems.

i hope that answers your questions!! ;w; thanks so much for playing!!

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are there details about the 3rd game? also I love Sparky-

I also just played the first game 2 days ago and I already loved it! please keep continuing the game and I hope ya'll don't give up uWu <3


the third (and final) game is being worked on right now! :D im glad you enjoyed the first two! the third game will be out sometime this year, i'm hoping for summer but i'm not sure yet. i'll announce when it'll be out on our social media :3

awwww it’s so sad the game is ending soon :’) I’ll just play it over and over again like i did the other games for eternity- spArkY’s GoinG to Be goNe sOoN AAaA– (( o sorry for the drama xD ))

whyy the laast oneeeeeee??? you can make lot's of those and never lose money because we fans love those games don't make me CRYYYYYY

i agree but i don’t want to force them into what i want them to do let’s just hope for the best there are more sequels- TwT

I loved this game but I gota say something

spoiler warning!

is ginger the girl in the bathroom stall from the first game? the one dead 

yes >:3

I knew it!

Honestly loved this and the first game alot! seeing the world expand and the characters interact more with eachother just aaa warms my heart <3 please continue to make games !!

aww thanks so much for enjoying the game!! ^w^ no worries, we're working on a third and final game!! <3

can't wait to play!!!

Yeahh!! I got the best ending on the third try B)

Awesome! I enjoyed playing it but I'm stuck in 2 endings that are locked. hopefully I'll find a gide or play through for the rest

Aw yeah a sequel!

I am in love with this! Ever since the first game! 










I've been trying to turn my Best Ending into a Perfect Ending. Is it possible to get the highest possible friendship with both Coco and Patches at the same time. I am able to do everyone, but I have to choose to give a heart to one or the other during the part where you ask Angel about Patches, which ultimately decides who is able to get the higher friendship in the end. Is that intentional or is there a way?


Oopsie, there is a way to get both Coco and Patches to max hearts but it's actually incredibly difficult (I'm going to release an update that'll make it easier). 

~ Spoiler ~









For Coco, there are two +1 heart interactions in the kitchen and one in the bathroom (so you can just skip that part where you ask Angel about Patches). It's difficult cuz there's a bug that only allows you to get the +1 heart for Coco if you interacted with the knives in the kitchen in Chapter 1! >O< As for Patches you can max him out in purrgatory. :3

If you play again, wait for the update that'll be out in a day or two >:3 There'll be a small bonus for completing the best ending while having everyone at maximum hearts. ALSOO thanks so much for playing and everything ;w; !!

The title screen alone was enough to put a smile on my face. Like... How did you make something this awesome??

I've been working at this for a couple hours, but I still don't know how to get the best ending. That's fine though, I love the game X3


I'm glad you're having fun at least >w< If you wanted to know how to get the best ending I've written it up here! (Spoiler alert!)

WOW! I didn't know there were so many parts XP I had so much fun playing! Thanks for the tips and for making such a cute game!

i spen few hours to grt the best ending!! x3 aka everyone survise 

ia go to sleep now owo ;w; its like 2am when i finished this fame

I loved this. We got stuck for an hour in Chapter two, but I personally didn't mind :D

My friend would disagree but I LOVE Patches so I hope he becomes a better woof :<


Really enjoyed the first game, and enjoyed the sequel more ^^


WOWW I'm glad you enjoyed >:3 !!! <3

I love this amaizing blend with horror & comedy

Deleted 19 days ago

Thank you so much for your feedback!! I've fixed that continuity error now and changed the game to released! >wO

There are some vague ideas for a third game (which would focus on Patches as the playable character) but for the mean time I have other projects to work on, so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up about it. >-< Ginger was indeed the bloodhound from the first game! And yes it's only possible to reach the true end with Sparky. 

Hopefully that answers everything. Thanks so much for playing!! <3 :3