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I love this series so much, I've been watching gameplay since i was 10. I've genuinely never loved a game so much.

I've never gotten such an emotion from a game or anything like a Purrfect Apawcalypse, I will never be able to forget this game and these characters. It was an incredibly fluffy adventure. Thank you for creating this purrfect project ^_^

(message written through a translator>_<)


This trilogy was great. Sad to say goodbye...

wish and all the best to the future projects of 90% studios

I really wish I could play this, but I only have a tablet. Will I be able to download this on my tablet?


I am so glad that I downloaded this game before it was up on steam! And I did bought it as well on steam (all of the series). I love how the story flows, I love each character personality that builds the whole series seems more lively and alive! Cannot wait for your next project! :D

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Loved the game (and the series by the way). I liked how decisions, made Patches reflex about his past actions. Also I loved the new characters and the story. I like the change of perspective that is easy to earn a good ending, a bit more complex to obtain the gold ending and very hard to get the worse ending. I liked that a lot from the second one. Purrgatory felt like a mine field and was exciting to explore, I played it for days exploring every option. 

I think it would be nice to have more neutral bad ends where you sabbotage everything (I would like to be more precise, but don't want to spoil). Also I would like the worst ending to be more different to the default bad ending.

I think the decision of ending the story in a third game is wise. I would love to see more of this universe and characters, but is hard to stay fresh making the same series for too long. This game is good, but that don't mean that is the only good game 90% can do. And I hope to see more games.


I can't buy it I don't have money ;-;

Whenever I start the game it says "platform invalid", im on windows 7 and Laptop, whats the issue, and its on Steam.

oh no sorry about that!! someone else had this problem, try this fix out,

alternatively someone had an odd fix that might work too. they tried taking the exe from the second game, putting a copy of it in the folder for patche's infurno and renaming it so its the same as the original exe. i unfortunately have no idea what the root cause of this problem is. let me know how these fixes work for you!!

Im a little confused, if you have discord please add me for instant help, Doc?#6666
Anyways I tried running it manually and it gave this error.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Purrfect Apawcalypse Patches Infurno\PurrfectApawcalypse3-PatchesInfurno.exe is not a valid Win32 application.
Can you please add me on steam so we can sort this out instantly as I did pay for this game and would like to play it too.

Maybe I can get a free Itch Copy of the game see if it works?
I already paid for it on Steam

I remember playing this and the two other games when they were free, i absolutely love them but i had to delete them because personal stuff :') but i sure would buy them again when i have the money, the games are so good keep up the good work ^_^ !!

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hmm, i already played on my friend pc. i remember, bad ending and good ending. but, i need more ending if you can... because it will be interesting and more playable for me

I've never said anything, but I feel as if I should as I continued playing each of the games in total to come across every ending. I loved the characters, mainly patches and his homicidal ways, but in general, the way they are towards one another, evil one moment, to being compassionate to the next (unless you get the evil end). I could just see so much more that could go off to the world surrounding the group, really could wish for more to come, yet everything starts with a beginning and may come to an end sooner or later. I really loved the art behind the close aspects such as how the uniforms or clothing is made, how the school is designed, how the background matches the corrupted play zone area, to the small bits of gore spread across the design. Then with the small dialogues where you can actually interact and get hearts (or negative hearts depending on the choice made with such NPC's)  based on your own actions is just inspiring to keep try and make everyone at least happy!

I've probably said a bit too much, hope this doesn't count as any type of spoiler.. but I seriously just loved the games of Purrfect Apawcalypse!


thank you so much for enjoying the games!! comments like these seriously make my day :)

I absolutely love this game! What platform do you use to make these games?

thanks! i use renpy! :D

whelp i'm ready for death

don't die pls, the world is waiting you for your chance




its anyoing because theres nothing telling me what to do after ive dowloaded such a massive file i cant even delete now

Cute and entertaining, can't ask for more

brownie more cute when death


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

this series is definitely one of my new all time favorites!

this is my favorite of the trillogy

Deleted 3 years ago

What about a prequel

Okay yeah I could see that happening if they wanted to keep doing it

What about expanding the story of the place they live in? There could be so much more to entirely do and in which what could happen to the school after the teachers are resurrected.



Deleted 3 years ago

I finally finished playing all the games! It was super fun trying to get all the endings and talking to the characters!


i tried downloading it, extractec the files, pressed on the icon and it said windows protect your pc and that i need some kind of app and if i do it without it, it said it would put ur pc at risk... i would send a photo if i can but later, please reply i really wanna play the game ;(

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I just want a 4th game, I feel so upset and depressed that you’re making this your last game, you could at least make a few more, please? 😢


come on, dont bug the game creator

theres three games, and im glad they made three. they couldve just kept it to one game..just be grateful theres three games

I absolutely love this trilogy! I played all three games and they are awesome! I have a question though, were the character designs (Or anything else) inspired by Tail Concerto or Solatorobo? I also get heavy Alicia Pris vibes from Coco, as they are both short tempered cats that initially hated Dogs and both have a sweet side.

thanks for enjoying the series!! i've never played either of those, i can see how you'd think they were inspired by them though!

This game inspired me so much and I can't wait to see the updated version just HYPE! 


Will there be part 4??


unfortunately no, but i am updating pa1's art to fit pa2 and pa3 better :>


You shittin’ me, man? That just just breaks my heart 💔 , you could at least do a few more, right?....😢





i just finished the perfect ending first, altough i have whisk and mitt to receive some love, meaning i have to redo the ending another time, before i gotta do the murder schenanigans ending, this is gonna hurt aaaaaaaaa

These games were absolutely wonderful to play. I'm actually kinda sad because I'm having trouble finding something similar to them. Was there any inspirations for these games? Is there anything close to the same experience?


these games were inspired in part by doki doki literature club and liar liar, both awesome visual novels (especially liar liar which feels a bit more obscure, its got that candy-gore aesthetic on point!) ^v^


I WANT A 4th GAME!!!!!!!!!!!



This game saved my year from being awfull.
Probably one of the best games i ever played, including next-gen ones.
Can't wait to see more novels by you!
(sry if my english is bad tho)


aww thank you!! ;v; also dw your english is good here!

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This game is PERFECT (or should i say, PURRfect)! I loved everything about it; the characters, the story, the game mechanics, etc is so well made! Andy and Denny did an amazing job with this trilogy. I love every character (of course Patches being my favorite) because they are so unique! Can't wait too see more content for you guys! - BeanBaguette

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Since I played the first game, Sparky and Angel have become my favorite characters (especially Sparky tho). Also I like the character development of Patches. :)

Im so happy I found this serie <3 100000000/10 purrfect game xD


God this game was so good and it kinda change me with the good ending, *spoilers* when you finish the game with everyone happy and you decide to heal everyone made me realize even if I feel betrayed I can still try to be happy I dont need to hurt anyone to feel better of my self I can try to make everyone happy even if im sad, mad, or just empty.  And I also like how the game ended with the heart being repaired with stiches when you dont make everyone happy but still heal everyone, and the heart is healed when everyone is happy and you heal everyone, it just shows how patches decides to move on even if he felt betrayed, he just moved on


nice game

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