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i miss the games being free


same i came back for a nostalgia trip but it seems i wont be able to replay them TT
i hope to come back to them again once i have enough money to be able to support the creator :)


Even on steam it never went on a sale.  (〒▽〒)


Will the games ever be free or pay only 


but i love sparky's tendons :(


I'm curious will the other Purrfect Apawcalypse games release on steam as well? Or will it be all on itch?


i'm currently working on getting the other games on steam!

Awesome! I can't wait and I wish you luck! also thanks for the quick response.

made an account just to say LETS FUKIN GOOOOOOOOO

I'm kinda curious, If I buy this game on itch now, and then it comes out on steam, will I get a key to play it on steam too? e.e


i'm pretty sure (based on this) i can set it up so that when you re-access the download page here on itch, you'll be able to claim the steam key! if something goes haywire and i can't, you can always contact me and i can hook you up with the steam key after confirming you purchased

Nice, Thanks for the quick answer^^

will the steam key thing be for efurryone?? or is it only to people who paid a certain ameownt or something? :0c


it'll be accessible to anyone who paid for the game after i put a price on it, as well as people who had donated in order to access the game beforehand!

pawggers! thanks! :D

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its not in english for me, how do i fix that edit: nvm i downloaded the russion version smh -_-

I can inspect the desks and Coco shows off her wand even after it's taken from her.


Is there no music at the beginning?

Made an account just to ask the devs this one question! What type of paint brush do you use? and not one for adobe one for ibspaintx me and my friend have been trying very hard to try and find the perfect brush so we can draw art of the game!

i tried downloading it, extractec the files, pressed on the icon and it said windows protect your pc and that i need some kind of app and if i do it without it, it said it would put ur pc at risk... i would send a photo if i can but later, please reply i really wanna play the game ;(


click more info or something and run app

Click more info then click run  app the same thing happends on my computer ie used it and my computer works purrfectly fine


I just dowloaded the game a while ago and  i love it! the problem I am facing though is how to use the keys i found. Other than that, I wanna hug Sparky! Thank you for making the game! the characters are very unique! I will be making fanart of them soon :)

this game was an the demon cute horror game is the call of  dead bad eng on a Purrfect


getting heavily annoyed cause when i download it, it just says "you do not have access to these files" and disappears, it doesn't appear on the app either and i can't down load this :(


i love the first game i was surprised i didn't learn about the sequel sooner,,,,,darn you itch io algorithm

This was a really fun game! But we had to use the walkthrough on this one because it's a lot harder than the last one.

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This game was really hard, but I enjoyed it! I had to read the walkthrough haha

Also dang 1k students?! That's a huge school lmao


This game and the installment before it have really had an effect on us. Did a long form video essay about them (haven't played the 3rd one yet). Purrfect Apawcolypse is one of our favorite game series now ? Feeling very fortunate to have happened upon it. was totally suprized at the depth of the characters and how well it all flows,even when dying a lot. The mechanics are simple but effective,the horror is upsetting (and not just the gore) , the paths are really intricate and the story was emotionally consuming. And all that with a enby protag!? *melts* AMAZING! thank you so much for making this game (✿◠‿◠)

WOW i can't believe this has been out since july and i haven't seen it!!! i've left my appreciation for it in the youtube comments but also want to say here, THANK YOU SO MUCH (for this video but also for enjoying the games so damn much)!! <3 <3 <3

I watched the first one on youtube and i'm totally downloading this one right now! if you ever need someone to translate the game to spanish i'd love to help :D

love the characters and story line even more in this one, wasnt expecting that ending lmao
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I can't run the game because the "style." files often can't be copied on my computer. When I skip them and try and run the game, it doesn't open, neither the newer one or the original. I would really appreciate it if you could look into this.

Wait nevermind, I had to delete all representations of the first game so I could run this, apparently it's a bug with my computer, or I can't keep the files in the same folder

this was a huge improvement from the first one, i'm so proud of the team! the game was super enjoyable and i'm really invested in the characters


I likely missed 90% of the content since I only got the ending where I could be with patches. I have no interest in any of the other endings due to not caring much for the other characters.

I find Olive and Patches to be purrfect together. They are opposites and yet so unbelievably similar to each other. The dynamic between them is beautiful to me in a kinda twisted way?

Anyway, great game, has landed itself a permanent place in my heart as something truly significant to me.

how do you get that ending? issit the one where you save him or do you just get to date him

theres only one ending when you dont die. you just made him really happy


this is amazing! i still pride myself in completing it without tutorial hh
sparky is amazing but i kinda cant help but like patches too after the happy end

Finally finished this game and just noticed the third one!! this is my fav game in the entire world. CANT WAIT TO PLAY THE THIRD ONE!!


Olive is the most sweetest, precious thing ever and I can't wait for the third. :D Amazing job, just stunning.


thank you! >w<

So, the first game took my interest and I decided just to play the entire series. It's a good game I must say.

Here's my gameplay of the game:

thanks so much for doing a lets play :D im glad you enjoyed the games!

Yeah, I'm enjoying the game! And finally I reach Purrfect Apawcalypse 3.

I cant get passed chapter 2!!!!!!!! :(((((((((

Me too :<


if u need help here's a walkthrough!

thanks so much

I noticed that if I follow the Chapter 1 portion of the walkthrough exactly as listed, I get Sparky and Angel to full heart and Brownie to one less when it says it should be Angel and Brownie full heart and Sparky one less. (This is an issue, as you get later chances to increase Sparky's hearts, but not Brownie's, nor do you get another opportunity with Angel that doesn't cause problems) I found that if I just talked to Sparky before coming back and recruiting him with Brownie and Angel in tow, to avoid the scene between him and Brownie, I got all three to full at that point.


oh oops, sorry about that!! i'll edit the walkthrough so it takes into account the order you can get the others in. thanks for the heads up!

It's fine! Was trying to help, mostly!



i stumbled upon purrfect apawcalypse when i found out we both made a VN with "purrgatory" in the title, and i'm here to add to the shower of praise!! the wholesome but macabre tone is so unique, and i'm especially in love with your humor and character writing. (angel is my favorite.) best of luck in your future work, keep doing what you do!!

wow thank you so much!!! <3

I love this game so muchhhh!!! It was so refreshing and funky !! I love Patches a lot 


hello! im wondering if olive is nonbinary? they always use they/them so I'm curious.


yes they are non-binary!


Great game!

I absolutely love Sparky! Even though he's possesed he just worries about other people not getting hurt, he's too sweet~ my hEART uwu



I love you guys's game!! It was pawsome (badum tsh)

Ok so I just wanted to ask some stuff since I plan on making a visual novel as well uwu

(there may be spoilers up ahead!!)

1. I looked through your scrip file so I could gather some information on how to code specific stuff, I couldn't find the dialogue though, is it in a different file?

 2. The script file looked so organized!! Mine is really confusing and I have to change it all the time for the correct use of spaces and stuff... Do you have any recommendations for tutorials?

3. The music is so goddamn cute!! I would love to buy the program that you used because I have a keyboard and guitar I'd like to use but I'm still undecisive about which software would be the best...

4. This is not on topic of the coding but I sense some chemistry between Coco and Brownie, will there be some 'Broco' moments in the new game? :)

Anyways, I don't know if or when you will answer, but I just wanted you to know that I really love this game and that it inspired me to make an game as well!!


hi!! thanks so much for playing!

1. for this particular game dialogue is split across a lot of different files, like scriptbath is for all dialogue that occurs in the bathroom, scriptyard for all dialogue in the yard, etc.

2. i learned a lot from watching a few youtube videos and reading renpy documentation!  i also have some code snippets from another game i made, though i'm not sure how much more helpful it is. ^w^;

3. thank you!! i use fl studio! 

4. >:)

im so happy this game was inspiring! ;w; good luck on your game!!


I've already Played the first game. It was pawdorable!!! I get all the endings in all the rutes possibles. I need to say that I wanted a happy HAPPY ending with Patches, but still I LOVE IT. Pleaaaaaaase hurry up with the third!!!

//I suggest a better murdery friendship


i had downloaded the original about a year ago but never got around to playing it until today. as soon as i found out theres another i knew i had to play it. these are amazing! :)


thank you so much!! hope you enjoy it ^w^

Its quickly become a favorite of mine! Very excited for the 3rd :)

I made an account just to comment on here happy?

thx for the comment! UwU

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