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The job of a pilot is taxing; non-stop work, hyper-specific scheduling, with only soulless computer screens for company. In order to help Pilot cope, her mind is split into two. Maybe she can keep herself company.

I challenged myself to make a short visual novel in 3 days. I'd been sitting on this idea for a while, but was finally motivated to make it, mainly because I am stuck inside and have nothing else to do but social-distancing and Animal Crossing. Thank you coronavirus. Anyway, please enjoy! - Denny

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I just finished playing it rn and I loved it! But it was too short ;; Anyways it's pretty cool that you made it in 3 days :0 I love your visual novels sm  (specially Purrfect Apawcalypse, I think I have a obssesion over that game rn ^^') and I will love to play more of your games! Also I would love to see a continuation of this game.


Really short, but I loved it; I can definitely see this being turned into a larger game. It might just be me but something about the music and ship interior felt really claustrophobic, especially when the Pilot thinks about how she could get decommissioned. The Double procedure's original purpose, too, reminds of the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner, except that it's 24/7, inside your head, and done by a Double who can perfectly read you, and that could all be expanded upon to become something amazing.


The game's surprisingly short, but besides that, the game is pretty good! In fact, it is rather amazing that you've made this under only 3 days.
The art will appear to be really weird at first, but over time during the VN you will start to appreciate the unique artstyle of the game.


daww thanks madman!! ^w^

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"I am stuck inside and have nothing else to do but social-distancing and Animal Crossing. "

yES (I love Animal Crossing but I don't have it :') )

[After I played this]
Oh my god yes, a new ship-- They're so cute together!! I love your art style and how you make these games. Also, I noticed that Double's opacity changed near the end. Hm.


is it weird I ship the pilot and the double together?


totally not weird, coincidentally someone drew that ship today!






Although short, I felt that this game was really interesting! I was somewhat surprised when it showed 'The End' and was hoping there was more. 


wow thanks for making a gameplay video!! maybe a long time from now i'll build on this little game :3 thank you for playing!


this was a really lovely little game. the sound, the use of color, and everything else about it made me feel melancholy in a way like floating on the surface of a pool. and that's a good thing.

thank you for this! 

oh wow, thank you for the nice and poetic comment!! glad you enjoyed!

Reminds me of Tron with the aesthetic. 

thanks! >:3 definitely inspired by that cyberpunk biz