In a world where losers wish they were cool kids, cool kids wish they were Gods, and Gods rule over all, Cool Kid Cody, the raddest cool kid at school, begins his journey towards God-hood! All he has to do is prove he’s worthy by achieving the impossible... Turn Pizza Boy, the biggest loser, into a Cool Kid! 

Cool Kid Cody & Pizza Boy [CKC & PB] is a 2D narrative video game project following the adventures of Cool Kid Cody! It's a game about society's arbitrary categorizing of people, spun into a funky story about "losers" and "cool kids". 'Character Select' is an interactive screen where you can learn more about the characters! 

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For any cool people waiting for this cool game: look carefully at the Greatboard's profile and try typing in the code word on your keyboard on the select screen for a little surprise.

Why does no one want to play this game

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I do? people don't have to comment after the gameplay

and I mean, there aren't much to it