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Join Cool Kid Cody on his quest for Godhood as he squabbles with his classmates over a guitar, summons Crescent High's flying skate-cat God and skates from flesh eating Losers in order to prove he's cool! This is either going to be a really good day, a really bad day, or a dream with no consequences in reality at all.

Cool Kid Cody's Totally Unreal Radical Quest for Godhood had production that spanned from April 2018 to September 2018. This is the first real video game Andy and I've ever made, and holy FUCK we learned so much in just a few months. I'm so thankful we got this game done on time. Thanks to everyone who helped make it, play-tested, supported us over at Patreon, or just goddamn LOOKED at it. You're all the real Cool Kids.

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I like the game so far, but the escape from the losers part, I felt, was a bit wonky, especially when i got to the umbrella. There were times where id land, but as I tried to get to the roof, I'd fall through the umbrella for no reason. I was just pressing the left and right buttons. I made it and finished it out of complete luck but that part was pure frustration.

Aghh I'm sorry dude! >-< Yeah we got a lot of comments about the skateboarding mechanics being messy and are gonna crack down on the physics and level design part of making the game. Thanks for your critique, It's incredibly helpful knowing what we need to improve on!

Thanks fam. BTW, I loved the whole crayon-like aesthetic the game had.  

Aww thanks! That's super good to hear!!

also gamer girl nerd version is a total cutie she deserves all the gamer stuff

AW glad you think so! >w<

I don't know how Holden got into the cool kids class. That aside, this was intriguing. Can't wait to see more. :)


OH MY GOD DUDE this was so fucking fun to watch, thank you so much for playing and promoting us!! I was legit shaking with excitement when Andy (our programmer) said someone made a let's play of our demo. I hope it's okay that we shared your video on our Facebook page! ;)

Hey! Of course it's okey to share, spread the coolness. I'm glad you like the video it.. well apart from those creepy losers making an appearance. ;)